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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Presidential Candidate Profile: Chesterton Joshua Cobb

FULL NAME: Chesterton Joshua Cobb

AGE: 15


REG10N POLITICAL HISTORY: As a first year competitor, Cobb was not part of Reg10n during last year's Presidential Elections.

BIO: Chesterton Joshua Cobb, more affectionately known as "Chet", has been labeled as Reg10n's Obama. Beginning as a relatively obscure phenomenon, Cobb's social support base has exploded over the past couple months due to his captivatingly humorous demeanor. Cobb hopes that he can transfer this social support base to the political arena, as he endeavors to become the first "First-Term Competitor" to win the Presidential office. Although Cobb has a mainly favorable stance towards the current President, he takes issue with a couple of the administration's policies, as he states:

As of now, a candidate for Reg10n President has to read through a 1,956 post, fill out an approximately 250 word form, and submit all of the above to the Elections Committee. Not only does this make Al Gore mad enough to curse the world with *sigh* another documentary, this hurts the candidates' eyes, and causes many to stop running before they even announce their campaign. I pledge to put a 500 word cap on any or all forms coming out of my administration. 

Right now, as soon as a debate round is over, the judge stands up, shakes hands, and leaves. He goes to the ballot check room, fills out a ballot, and then refuses to talk about the round ever again. Now, we understand why a judge cannot disclose who won or lost. However, this does have one adverse effect: it forces the judge to put all of his or her comments on one sheet of paper. Most judges don't feel they have time to sit dawdling around writing down long comments, and often only write one paragraph. We propose to petition Reg10n to ask to alow the judge, once he or she is done filling out their ballot, to talk with the contestants. We do not disagree with the idea that the judge cannot disclose who won or lost, but we maintain that a judge should at least be allowed to give his or her suggestions on what each team can improve on. To fail is to learn, but only if you know why you failed. 

This is the Cobb/Min main issue. It has come to the attention of our staff that, while other contestants are going out and spending hard-earned money on suits and blazers, SOME (*cough*Sean*cough*Mc*cough*Elwee*cough*) are spending their money on tye-dye (**t-shirts**) vests. This is unacceptable. Not only are they buying these tye-dye t-shirts (or worse, MAKING them), they are wearing these instead of formal debate attire! This is unacceptable. It is scaring judges, and weirding out the other teams. As President, I will institute a ban on all tye-dye t-shirts, vests, or any other apparel during debate rounds. 

"Keep the change, we got the dollar bills." ~ Chet Cobb and Andrew Min

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